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Personal Rave from Ray Bradbury!

The Christmas Clock—Time's River of Dust:

click to start reading Ray Bradbury 1920-2012 In January 2008, I received a personal fan mail letter from the great U.S. author Ray Bradbury regarding my dark holiday fantasy novel The Christmas Clock. He wrote: "Read and Loved your Christmas Clock. Bravo, John!" Not a children's story, it's a fun yet somber, mature homage to Charles Dickens' immortal classic A Christmas Carol. Click to start reading at Galley City. Read half free to try~buy entire if you like it. Best deal in town!



Love Story of a Young Poet & his Angel in the City of Light

click to start reading the novel Paris Affaire "...The story features lovely descriptions of French foods, locations, and landmarks. There are also several beautifully rendered moments of human connection and self-sacrifice. A sweet but slow-moving tale of a love affair in Paris." If you want to slowly savor a wonderful Paris love story, click cover at left to start reading (half free).
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YANAPOP: Run For Your Life, A Love Story

click to start reading the novel Paris AffaireEntertaining, Kinetic: "…A college studentís journey to see his romantic interest sends him on a terrifying, otherworldly detour in this dark fantasy… An entertaining, kinetic supernatural tale with surprises and a genial hero…" (John T. Cullen writing as John Argo) Consider this one an homage to wild & crazy films like The Last Seduction, Groundhog Day, and more.
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Terror in My Arms:

Fast-Paced Psychological Thriller by John T. Cullen

click to start reading the novel Paris AffaireA Quick Fix for Serial Killer Fiction Fans: "…Terror in my Arms follows a classic horror story structure, where the predator and prey are evident from the get-go. The storyís primary suspense comes from Sylvieís lapses in judgement and the thrill of the chase as she attempts to escape from the clutches of a serial killer… Robís pattern reveals an ingenious scheme that will please fans of serial killer fiction. Read entire Best Thrillers Review or click cover to start reading the story.

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