Night Shots anthology suspense fiction by John T. Cullen Caffeine Books

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= Night Shots =

Mystery/Suspense Short Stories by John T. Cullen

A Touch of Noir: Here are six titles, each of them a dark or noir mystery story, collectively Night Shots. More info soon.

Broken Wing: A VA security guard in a creepy city bureaucracy falls in love with the intriguing, beautiful woman who owns a bookshop across the street. One odd thing is her hand, which seems like a bird's broken wing. What he doesn't know is that the demure, sweet shopkeeper is also a combat veteran. And that comes in handy during some sudden, dangerous moments when a madman shows up at the VA building with a gun.

The Hill Club: It's the story of a man on the run, with a flawed personality, who finds solace with another unusual person in a remote city: a transgender woman who happens to have a unique spiritual balm for the running man's psychic wounds.

Being & Becoming: A traumatized individual flees across country, running from his past. Only at his destination in California, when he thinks he is home free, does a final confrontation hit him like an express train. It's all about who we were through no fault of our own; who we are and wish we weren't; and who we wish to become, despite everything.

Foto Finish: A quiet but persistent detective from a vast insurance corporation follows the trail of a vanished young woman who was overweight and rather homely. Strangely enough, about the time she disappeared, a hot new super-model appeared in town, slender and alluring. Could there be a connection? And what are the shadowy figures in the background so intent to conceal?

The Flower Baron: An older man makes a fool of himself, chasing a young woman who is obviously using him. The expression Flower Baron comes from the German, and refers to a typical man of that sort, who brings flowers and candy and thinks he is impressing a young woman, who is using him while her girlfriends stand by laughing.

Killing Daddy: A young man who was abused by his father cannot escape the shadows of his past, so in the end he takes drastic measures with a shocking twist.


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