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For Reference As You Read:

Websites mentioned below include (among my large webplex/over 24 linked sites):
Caffeine Books (reviews & info)
Galley City (read half free/The Bookstore Metaphor)
Clocktower Books Museum (historical info since we launched in 1996)
(more info soon).


Caffeine Books and Galley City

Two Important Sites in Jean T. Cullen's Webplex

There are at least 24 linked sites in my webplex in all.

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Galley City: On the Galley City website (linked here), I employ the Bookstore Metaphor, as I call it. Think of a bookstore…you walk in, pick a book, sit down, and start reading. After sampling a few chapters, you might decide to buy the book if you like it. You pay at the cash register.

At Galley City, you can read half of any book. If you like it, buy the whole book risk-free at Amazon, where I have been an Affiliate in good standing for over twenty years. Best deal in town: the e-book will typically cost about the same as a cup of coffee. The print edition might cost as much as lunch at your favorite diner. It's safe, painless, and guaranteed. Also: no data collected on any of my websites, so you browse & read anonymously just like in a bookstore

So what is Caffeine Books?

Caffeine Books: In 2020 (the Vision Year) I started gathering all the great reviews of the past quarter century plus historical info. Actually, you can read much more detail about my/our history at the Clocktower Books Museum website (

Ray Bradbury, John McCain, Andre Norton, Joe Haldeman… Those are just a few of the great names who have sent their support over my lifetime. Obviously, several (Ray, Andre, John) are no longer with us, but their spirit lives on, and I am happy to carry a bit of it in my heart. I will share that with interested readers at Caffeine Books.

Clicking the Clocktower Books Museum link opens the Museum website in a separate window if you want to use it as a reference. Likewise, you can have both Caffeine Books and Galley City open in separate windows for reference.


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